“Varken op de Leer”

Since 2012 “de Hooilanden” organizes every year in November “Varken op de Leer”, pig on a ladder.

About 50 years ago a lot of farms slaughtered a pig in November. The slaughter of the pig was a real family affair. It was part of farm life. After killing the pig it was put on a ladder and the neighbors and family were checking the fat while enjoying a drink. The next day the carcass was processed into hams and sausages.

At “de Hooilanden” a freshly slaughtered pig, one of our Binnenveldse Piglets, is hung on a ladder so the meat can be cut and sold on the spot. The head and the legs go traditionally in the stews of Butifarra.
In addition, on the grounds of the farm there is a market with local products to buy and taste.