Traditionally, tapas are served with an alcoholic drink (beer, wine or sherry) in Spanish cafés in order to increase your appetite. Especially in Andalusia and the Spanish inland it is custom to serve one or multiple tapas when ordering a beverage.

When we serve tapas we will continuously be preparing different kinds of fish, meat and vegetable varieties. In advance we will discuss the amount of food that will be served and at what intervals new dishes should arrive. It can be anything you like: either just a few small bites accompanying a drink or an entire meal that consists out of tiny dishes.

The following tapas are regulars in our kitchen:

Fish and saefood
Pescaditos fritos – fried little fish
Boquerones en vinagre – sour anchovies with bread
Mejillones, jamon y jerez – Mussels with Serrano ham and sherry
Calamares al ajillo – squid with parsley and garlic (lots of it)
Sepia con salsa verde – Cuttlefish with salsa verde
Pulpo a Feira – Octopus stew
Navajas a la plancha – razor/jackknife clams
Berberechos con habas – Cockles and white beans
Gambas al ajillo – Prawns with garlic and white wine
Pimiento del piquillo, huevo y anchoas – roasted sweet pepper with egg and salty anchovies

Meat and poultry
Albondigas con salsa de almendras – small meatballs with an almond sauce
Chorizo con sidra – chorizo with apple and cider
Chuleton a la plancha – Ribeye straight from the grill
Datile con bacon – dates wrapped in bacon
Aves de pollo – spicy chicken wings

Achicoria en viagre de jerez – roasted chicory with sherry vinegar
Berenjenas marinadas – marinated eggplant
Calabacin tostada con limon – roasted courgettes with lemon
Champinones a ajillo – mushrooms with tarragon and garlic
Papas arrugades, mojos y aioli – salty ‘wrinkled’ potatoes with mojos and aioli
Tortilla de patatas – potato tortilla
Patatas bravas – fried potatoes with a tomato and bell pepper sauce and aioli

Achicoria con cabrales – chicory with a creamy blue cheese
Manchego con membrillo – Sheep’s cheese with jelly made of quince
Cabrales con chocolate – Spanish blue cheese with chocolate