Crew catering for film sets, theater and festivals

The kitchen serves as the central meeting place behind the scenes of every event or festival. This is where everybody comes to catch his or her breath and refuel. There is nothing more comforting than entering a kitchen that smells amazing and knowing that it’s all for you.

Because we cook everything on site, it is easy for us to react to changing situations. After a day of hard labor when it’s cold and raining outside you need your calories, but when it is a beautiful summers day a refreshing salad might work better. We will always try to cook the things your employees need at that moment, which is why we don’t work according to a set menu. We like to interpret the situation and act to what is needed. This also includes individual wishes, diets and allergies.

In the past, we have provided the crew catering at Spoffin festival in Amersfoort and the Tuin der Lusten in Laren, Vorden and Chamarande.