pruttelpot 1
People can make their own fresh cup of coffee with just a little help from our barista, how exciting! The installation isn’t just an interesting eye-catcher, it provides atmosphere and serves as a social stimulant.

Our barista will grind the coffee beans and set out enough espresso pots for people to use. As soon as you put an espresso pot on one of the twelve yellow flickering flames, the flame turns bright blue and really hot.

Each pot will make four cups of delicious and high quality espresso in only 150 seconds. When using all the twelve flames that would be 48 cups of hot espresso in just 2,5 minutes! Using a few espresso pots that serve 10 people at the time we can give around 200 people coffee in fifteen minutes.

We always adjust the installation to the amount of people. It is an autonomous installation, but it’s preferable to have a access to clean water and a power outlet of 230 Volts. It takes us about 45 minutes to set up the installation, and about 30 minutes to take it down again.

The coffee beans we use are of a high quality and excellent for making coffee with our espresso pots. Of course it is always possible to let is know what coffee bean you personally prefer.

Because no everybody drinks coffee, we also provide for a set of different types of tea. And there will also be a teakettle cooking on one of the flames.

They flames are grouped in threes, which make for an excellent occasion to talk to new people while making coffee. Or why not use the opportunity make coffee for somebody else?