The Binnenveldse Pigs

Binnenveldse Big 1
Together with de Hooilanden, a farm in Bennekom, we raise our own pigs. Our Binnenveldse piglets, a species called Bonte Bentheimers, have lots of space outside to roam around in. We feed them a mixture of different grains, acorns, vegetable waste we have left from our caterings, and the left over ‘un-sellable’ vegetables from biological stores Kardoen in Bennekom and Lazuur in Wageningen.

Our first three pigs were slaughtered in November 2013. Together they provided us with approximately 300 kilograms of meat. We sold a part of this meat on a local foodmarket called “Varken op de Leer”, held at de Hooilanden.

Of course we also use our own piglets for our own cookings. Their heads and feet are used for soups and stews. The neck and ribs are roasted, the hams are salted and dried, streaky bacon is smoked, while we use the bacon made of the animals back to spice up our goose-burgers. The front legs are slowly roasted and used to make pulled pork. Everything else we use to make dry sausage, which is for sale in the farm shop of de Hooilanden. Every once in a while we roast an entire pig.