“Tafel van W”

Already the 10th Table of W. This time situated in one of the more than 200 meters long basins of the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, the Marin in Wageningen.
Organized by artist Robbert Kamphuis to stir up cultural life in Wageningen.

The menu was like a sea voyage. As the journey progressed, the storerooms became empty and the dishes meager.

Green spicy salad ( we just got out of the harbor so fresh vegetables in abundance)
Tortilla with clipfish or samphire
Marrowfats with applesauce (this dish makes every sailor longs for the sea)
Fennel – lemon salad ( scurvy has no chance )
Smeus (potatoes and buttermilk with eggs and shrimps or nuts)
Hardtack with cheese and sprat
Fresly brewed coffee from our Espresso-installation

Thanks to Bram Damman for the pictures.