18-9-2015: Bookpresentation “De Nieuwe Keuken van de Veluwe”

Nieuwe Keuken van de VeluweIn “De Nieuwe Keuken van de Veluwe”(The new kitchen of the Veluwe) cooks and caterers, manufacturers and suppliers tell about their passion for the fair and local cuisine. They give their special recipes, of course using local ingredients. In several columns the origins and applications of these ingredients are described.
Taste the difference in the new kitchen of the Veluwe.
A new edition of De Nieuwe Veluwe and Blauwdruk.

In this book, the story of the Bonte Bentheimers, de pigs of Butifarra and a delicious recipe of a Spanish stew with half a pig’s head, chorizo, white beans and kale.