Cooking on a campfire with Dutch Ovens

koken op kampvuur 1
In large cast iron pans (Dutch Ovens) we cook delicious stew on an actual campfire. For example a Cocido Montañez, a Northern Spanish dish cooked entirely in one pan containing white beans, kale, potatoes, bacon, chorizo and morcilla. Or a Catalonian Romesco de Peix with fish, seafood, sweet peppers and almond. Combined with a pisto, a Spanish ratatouille, and roasted or salted potatoes this makes for an excellent dinner.

Because of their shape, the pans can be used as an oven as well. If you stack some hot coals on the lid of the pan it is possible to regulate the heat from the top as well as from the bottom. It’s even possible to bake bread or a cake in these pans!

Cooking on a campfire is an ideal and cosy idea for cold winter days or long summer nights. On top of that, it is also a great activity to do as a workshop with a group.